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Who's the blogger

(Before you read just make sure that im writing this when i was 14 and now im 17 so its like 3 years ago when im in 9 grade i think. Enjoy)
Hi guys, i just want you all know who is behind the blogger before i post something
okay i'll start
hey im Zahra and its pronounced zar.rra Im 14 years old now, im indonesia but i like to write and talk english. I live in small paradise in Indonesia, most of you wont know where i live so i called it paradise hehe. im an awkward, weird and ugly girl. i love photography so much i like to take random photos and post it on my instagram, i love rain too idk why i just feel comfort and relax when rainy days btw excuse my bad english bc im indonesia ya know haha im trying to improve my english trhough writing in my blog. i love writing, blogging, tumbling, and listening to my favorite music. and ohh i love ice cream too !! im a ice cream lover !!
im a moslem, and i love to studying about my religion. idk what i should type again lol
oh about school, i hate school so much, im sure you know the reason why i hate school, i hate math, physics, and biology too, i dont want to be a doctor even though when i was child i dreamt to be a doctor, but now i fucking hate it !! i just love to studying about my religion, english and internet !! i waste so much time in front of my netbook ( i wish i have laptop) to design my tumblr, tumbling, looking for good music to listen, find a perfect quotes (who doesnt right) anddd stalking my crush lol haha . 
i have some dreams that i wish to come true, maybe i should make and post my bucket list yeahh soon i'll post it. actually i was on but idk why blogger deleted my blog D': i really mad and sad :(( bc i already post so much post on there ughh so i want to try .
what ? do you ask me about my favorite music ? (even though no one ask) haha
okay i love greyson chance (hey im an enchancers yo) i love justin's song (not the justin, but his song) one direction, sleeping with sirens, simple plan, the  maine (i start to like a band bc who doesnt love bands) you me at six, all time low andd he is we !! ahh he is we is perfect !! what again should i tell about me to youu ?? i like to edit photos in photoshop but now my photoshop is crashing :( and i need new photoshop and new laptop ahh i wish !! i have some wish list maybe i'll mention it some, first i really want an iphone, vaio laptop, good score on math and science, get a good score on every subject, have  a canon camera, be tumblr and instagram famous (?) haha i wish, travel over the world with the one i lovee or with my best friend !! 
okay i'll tell you some secret about my love story *ciee ciee* *eheem* *just indonesia will understand lol* i have crush on someone he's my elementary school friend, i have crush on him like 5 years idk why i like him so much. i feel in love with him not for how his look, just for he is (although he's look pretty good too) *okay i took this from a quotes on tumblr* 
i have some friends in real life and some friend that i knoe from social network (like twitter and tumblr) 
i have like 10 friends from my junior high school i know it just a little and there's some reason why i choose them to be my friends.
if from twitter i have much (i think) and if from tumblr i have some and i love all my friends with all my heart !! i wish i can meet them !! 
what again ?? idk what should i type again i think its enough about mee today (its mean i'll write something about me again another day idk lol)
Thanks for read guys ^^ (even if nobody will read this i know i know) byee
-Much love, Zahra xo

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