Kamis, 06 Juli 2017

And start right now

And start right now, i choose myself. I choose myself to telling story about, i choose myself to fix all the problems, i choose my self to caring about myself.
You know, nothing last forever.
Everyone will leave, everything will gone, every moment will pass.
And start right now, i begin to depend on nothing. Even the people you think you know well about them, even the people you think that they put you in the first, even the people that you told them every single of your moment.
They will leave.
Trust me.
No one ever will being with you, listen up to your stories, help you in any condition. Every days in a month, every minutes in hour, every seconds in minutes. No one.
No one ever will.
And start right now, i choose God.
I choose god, instead of people.
I choose god, instead of friends.
I choose god instead of everything.
God help me trhough every situation, God is with me when everyone leave, God puts my smile back when everyone tearing me apart.
Is just God that can help you.
Trust me.
If you ever feel bad about something, if you ever feel like everyone just dont care about you, if you ever feel dissapointed.
Just remember God.
Its God all you have.
If you have God, you have all you need.

-Zahra Hasan.

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