Minggu, 03 September 2017

I don't have social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or anything like that. When I'm in the city or at school, I look around and see everyone's faces loooking down at their phones checking to see what's up with other people's life even if the other person is right next to them. I think this video has several interesting messages. One of them being that you should physically spend time with others, not over a gadget.

Don't live your life through your phone, live it outside of your phone: spending quality time and making real memories. Sometimes, you just gotta put down that phone and look up at the world around and see the real faces of the people who surround you. Make real friends who want to spend time with you. Those who want to be a part of your actual story, not best friends who will send you the most snaps.

Now, there's nothing wrong with social media until it starts to take over. Don't get me wrong, it's a great way to keep up with friends and family by simply showing them what you've been up to. However, I prefer the ol' fashion homemade scrapbook or just printed out pictures that I can show my friends and family and tell them the story of the event for each picture. My freinds and family don't feel like they are being held hostage and forced to look at pictures of events that occured/places I've been to. They really do enjoy it. It also leaves everyone feeling like they are closer, and it's a great way to chat and keep long conversations going. People engage in the conversation. It's not just me telling my story of that one picture.. there are always great stories from other people that get brought up and its just a wonderful expercience to be able to have that sort of comunication.

I really do hope most people can live life to the fullest by experiencing it with their own eyes and not through a screen.. Nicole O.. 1 tahun yang lalu. 16 balasan. 643 suka.

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